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Our Mission 

What started out as a book fair has grown into a social justice cause. The literacy gap is an overlooked civil rights issue that negatively impacts communities across our nation. 


Students who are not proficient in reading by the third grade are at risk. They are four times more likely to drop out of school, and more likely to face unemployment, homelessness, and incarceration.


It is our social responsibility to ensure that all children receive quality education and opportunities. 

Well Read Child will change the world one book at a time. 

Our Approach 

We believe the solution is in providing students with culturally relevant literature and curriculums that boost their confidence, and self-esteem, while fostering a love for reading. All children deserve to see themselves in the books they read. If children can see it, they can achieve it and studies have found that students who are supported culturally can achieve life-long success. 


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According to recent data, only 31 percent of Duval's African-American students passed Florida's annual reading assessments in grades 3 through 10. African-American students who have not mastered reading by the 4th grade are at a higher risk of dropping out of school, incarceration, and unemployability in adulthood.

Source: Florida Department of Education Strategic Plan


Well Read Child has taken on a more targeted approach to increase literacy and foster a love for reading. In efforts to be a change agent, Well Read Child has developed a literacy initiative and is moving away from the traditional book fair. We understand that not all children have the money for books, and we want to ensure that all children have access. 

Through donations and community partnerships Well Read Child will host literacy-based school events at NO-COST to students or parents in Jacksonville, FL and beyond.. 

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Well Read Child plans to close the gap with a data-driven solution. This will be accomplished by the development of a children's literacy app that ethically tracks and collects data in real-time. This app will incentivize reading and have a social media-like interface to encourage usage. The data collected from the app will then be used to formulate a solution. 


How You Can Help


One  Time Donation 

Make a one-time donation to help Well Read Child continue to serve the communities. Donations go toward research, staffing, and outreach. 

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Fund a Classroom

Gift a teacher and their students with books and educational resources. Do you have a teacher in mind, just provide us with the details and we will handle the rest. 


Monthly Donations 

Support a social cause that will change the future one book at a time, with a monthly donation in the amount of your choosing.  

All children deserve the opportunity to achieve their highest academic, professional, and life goals regardless of race, disability, or economic status. High illiteracy rates is a systemic and pervasive issue impacting children of color. 

Well Read Child, with your help will close the literacy gap and change the world one book at a time. We aim to provide children with culturally relevant literature to foster a love for reading, boost confidence, and set them up for life long success. 


Have you written a children's book that features BIPOC characters? Does your story inspire, uplift, and/or educate? If yes, let's get your book in the hands of students.  

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