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2 Powerful Tips to Get Your Child Reading and Loving It!

1. Be The Change That You Want To See

You are your child's first teacher, oftentimes they will model your behavior. So if you are modeling the behavior that you want to see, they will be sure to pick up on your healthy habits. Read when you can and read often! Put down your cell-phone and opt out for choices that will encourage reading such as a book, a newspaper, magazine, or even a beloved children's book. Your child will thank you for it!

2. It's bedtime, which mean's it's time for a story!

Create a nightly routine of dinner, bath, and bedtime story. It doesn't have to be in that particular order, however 'the bedtime story part' should be included. When you create a routine for your child, he or she will grow to expect a story at bedtime. Your child will love the one one one bonding time and a great story from My Well Read Child.

Happy Reading!

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